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Pro tools 12 free download without messing with Avid pro tools 12 crack and patch

Instructions for Pro Tools free 12 Download

Pro tools 12 free download

Looking for Pro Tools 12 Free Download? Recently many warez sites offering it for free.When looking for free Pro Tools, affirm that it contains the following capabilities:
v  That the application program plays up to 8 tracks; however, depending on the capacity of your Operating System.

  • The application ought to play up to 48 MIDI tracks.
  • Does it encompass a non-linear or a random-access editing function as well as maximum automation?
  • You necessitate a program boasting 5 RTAS plug-ins (in each track), but the capabilities of your PC might limit this feature.
  • A good tool has up to 5 inserts and sends per track function respectively and routes up to 16 busses and in excess.
  • Lastly, the tool ought to work with 16 & 24-bit sessions, but again; it depends on the capabilities of your PC audio hardware functions
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You can get Avid Pro tools 12 free download on various sites. Pro tools 12 uses computer OS to mix tracks and process audio music; therefore, PCs with faster clock speed source superior tracks, insert and send counts, as well, they process plenty and complex plug-ins. However, this is exceptional of windows 98.

System Requirement for Avid pro tools 12 ilok crack

NB:  Pro Tools FREE are also compatible with Power Macintosh Operating Systems; however, you need Mac OS 8.6 or 9.0 devices with at least 128MB Random Access Memory, although 192MB is recommended. You need a CD-ROM drive and OMS 2.3.8 and higher Pro Tool Installer. 

To use the application on windows, you need:

  • Intel computer model, specifically a PIII model.
  • Install Windows 98 or Windows Me to the PC and affirm it encompasses 128 MB RAM (similarly to Mac OS, 192MB is recommended).
  • Ensure that CD-ROM drive works and that the OS is connected to net for successful software download and installation.  

Compatibility Factors – the PIII computer model does not offer assurance in terms of software compatibility nor provides software support for the Pro Tool application. If looking for the latest compatibility information, visit  and get the list of trendy hard drives, diskette drives, SCSI accelerator cards and serial port adaptors compatible with the system.

How to Install Avid Pro tools 12

pro tools 12 free download

Firstly, set-up your operating system and install the device from this site for free or alternatively, which is an expensive method, use installer link from a CD using the PCs CD-ROM. Do away with previous (Pro Tools) installation on your PC before download pro version, otherwise, the earlier model becomes inoperable. 

The installation process for Windows OS:

  • Click on the download link from the web page and allow the application to successfully download. Hereafter, a window pops-up with Pro Tools Free Installer options. Find the setup function and double click to launch setup process.
  • Read the subsequent instructions, thus click next whenever necessary. The following installing options  are noticeable, select suitable installation option:

  • Typical settings (specifically recommended for beginners/first – timers).
  • Compact settings (install only minimum application components necessary to run Pro Tools Free program).
  • Custom application (this is an advanced user’s option). Select custom features to be incorporated in the program.

  • Choose a suitable option and click next (files will install to the Program File Folder) to proceed.
  • After the installation completes, restart the computer.

The Documentation Process

It’s recommended that you install Pro Tools Documentation for ease description and ‘about the Guide’. Find the documentation installation from this sites download page, alternatively use the CD installer.

Pro tools 12 free download the Demo – the Installation Session
This application comes with a demo session referred as Pro Tools SoundCheck 8-Trk. This is an easy to familiarize with application. It is best to test system playback using this demo. There are few hard drive requirements you ought to adhere to prior to installing the demo account to your PC. The installation process:

  • Use the link from this webpage. Download the Demo session installer from the webpage or fit CD installer in the CD-ROM Drive. Hereafter,  a window with content opens, thus click on the ‘Install SoundCheck Demo’ folder  
  • Once the installer opens, click the browse option from the destination folder on your PCs audio drive and then click next.
  • Find the install component and select “Pro Tools SoundCheck 8-Trk Session.” Click next and the demo application installs automatically.
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How to Remove Pro Tools 12 From your PC

If perchance you want to remove the application program from your PC, you can do so by accessing it from Add/Remove program Control Program. Step-by-step:

  •  Click on the start menu > settings > control panel or Start Menu > Control Menu depending in Windows incorporated in your PC.
  • To open the Add/Remove program function, double click on the icon option.
  •  A list of programs pop-ups. From the list, select the Pro Tools Free and click Remove program option.
  • Note that you might be asked to (command prompt) to remove shared files coupled with the application. If so, click yes as such restores PCs functioning to normalcy.
  • Also, you can manually navigate the file from the list, especially if the program was saved with a distinct name other than Pro Tools Free.
  • After that, close the Control Panel and restart yours PC. It’s recommended that you restart the computer after all installation and installation processes.

Basic Hard Drive requirement

This is a Windows application requirement. Therefore, for audio recording and/or storage in Windows 98 or Windows Me, Pro Tools 12 program calls for an ATA/IDE or SCSI encompassing the following facets:

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  • A disk drive spin boasting 7200 RPM and above.
  • 3MB per second data transfer time and 10.0 milliseconds or above - average seek time.
  • Hard drive formatted with FAT16 or FAT32 file application programs, though FAT 32 is recommended.
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Get additional compatibility information from online sources such as  but affirm that you download quality and free system from this website. ProTools Free lets you record performances of your systems drive, recording the performance and playback option, thus lower track count and few plug-ins requirements.Pro tools 12 free download can be tricky since it’s the latest version , but I will share a few sites with working download links!Stay tuned!   

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